Intro to Python




  1. Introduction
  2. Types, Variables, and Operations
  3. Strings
  4. Input and Output
  5. Conditionals
  6. while Loops
  7. Lists and Tuples
  8. for Loops
  9. functions
  10. .

Past Sessions

Welcome to an Introduction to Python!

I am very excited to share my love of python with you. While this course will not give you any school credit, I believe that you will enjoy yourselves as well as gain valuable skills. We will start with the basics and then move toward more complicated topics, including some basic data structures and advanced algorithms!

Learning a programming language is very rewarding: it will open your mind to an entirely new set of problems and tasks that you are able to solve and complete. That being said, you will get out of this course exactly what you put into it. We will have no quizzes or exams, so the pressure to move forward and learn must come from you!

Student Reviews

Peter's investment and dedication to helping those new to programming gain a foundational understanding of Python and apply new skills to solve practical exercises is commendable. I sincerely appreciated Peter's willingness to offer this course again and would recommend it to anyone looking for an approachable introduction to Python and programming in general. -Logan Grubb
This course was wonderfully designed to be accessible and worth-while for people of all experience levels. Coming in with a humanities background and minimal coding experience, I felt that the course was challenging but not impossible. By working in partners we were able to effectively problem solve and Peter and his PLAs were extremely helpful, providing hints and nudging us in the right direction. By having such a hands-on class, I feel that I am emerging with a solid understanding of basic Python and would be able to draw on this foundation in the future. While initially out of my comfort zone, I am very glad I took the class and would recommend it to everyone. -Erin Keener
Peter is a really good teacher, and is very knowledgeable and passionate. This class is a better intro for first-time coders than an official college class would be, simply because Peter explains everything more thoroughly than most professors would. I was able to test out of a graduate-level python course after taking this class! -Claire Woodward