Feedback: Joey Rutledge


  • Ch2 ex4 -- can you write a little about what the error messages tell you specifically?
  • Ch2 ex5 -- check your capitalization
  • Ch2 ex 9 -- should you use int() or round() ?
  • Ch2 ex12 -- don't get in the habbit of separating functions from their parentheses: divmod(), not divmod ().
  • Ch2 ex13 -- you have some unnecessary parentheses. Not wrong, just harder to read.
  • Ch3 ex2 -- the string that prints out should have a backslash and a t, and later a backslash and an n, but right now, they are escaping to a tab and a newline, respectively.
  • Ch3 ex5 -- what do you mean weirdly?
  • A general note: make sure your variable names are helpful to other people reading your code.
  • Great work so far!