Feedback: Keir Lockeridge


  • Ch2 ex3,4,6 -- I skipped them too :)
  • Ch2 ex5 -- yes, those lines are what I had in mind for P and Q. THe horizontal lines show up depending on the markdown renderer. Probably your computer doesn't do it but GitHub does. You looked into the future: we'll be coming back to this example when we do loops. (It is totally fine if you want to do "extra" coding, but just as an FYI, I only ever expect things that were covered in the readings up until the chapter that the exercises are for.)
  • Ch2 ex7-13 -- missing
  • Ch3 ex2 -- correct, but check the solutions for an even easier way to do it.
  • Ch3 ex5 -- the 3rd one is slightly off
  • Ch3 ex7 -- correct, except the last two numbers are not the year. It is just 01 unless that is already taken, and in that case it is 02, and so on. It's great that your checking for incorrect input to the functions, but until we get to that chapter, you can just assume that the inputs are correct (and until we get to funtions, you don't have to structure your code as functions). We are going to be coming back to student ID generation in the lists and tuples chapter.
  • Regarding your question, I am not sure that it is possible to escape a single quote inside the brackets of an f string. I think the simplest solution would be to use string concatenation or do what you did, and define the string before you use it.
  • Great work so far!