Feedback: Emma Lavoie


  • Ch2 ex3 -- you have things here that aren't related to the assignment, which is fine, but maybe you want to make another notebook called "playground" where you can try stuff out and play around. You have some error's too.
  • Ch2 ex5 -- incorrect. Try looking at the wikipedia page. P and Q should be in terms of x and y.
  • Ch2 ex6 -- can you include more of the operations?
  • Ch2 ex7 -- don't make a habit of separating functions from their parentheses: float(), not float ().
  • Ch2 ex9 -- make sure you round to the decimals place.
  • Ch2 ex10 -- incorrect
  • Ch2 ex11 -- imcomplete
  • Ch2 ex12 -- incorrect. How can you make sure it is always the bigger divided by the smaller?
  • Ch2 ex13 -- imcomplete
  • Ch3 ex2 -- imcomplete
  • Ch3 ex3 -- incorrect
  • Ch3 ex4 -- how does len() count "\n"?
  • Ch3 ex7 -- what if the names are capitalized? They shouldne be in the output.