Feedback: Ana Geddes


  • When you name variables, it is best practice to make them words or phrases, not just single letters.
  • Ch2 ex8 -- you can combine the two cells so you don't have to redefine h and r again.
  • Ch2 ex9 -- what if the number of pennies is fractional? You need to take care of the cases where that happens, and make sure that only 2 decimal places are displayed.
  • Ch2 ex10 -- incomplete
  • Ch2 ex11 -- When you use the value 2.1 in the formula for a, it makes the program not rely on i, and thus less general. Just use i instead. This is a great example of when longer variable names are really important, and you even make comments of what they are. You can just make your comments into variable names!
  • Ch2 ex12 -- this is not quite right. Your program should use x and y, not the integer literals that you assign to them. Make sure you also divide the bigger one by the smaller one when you do this.
  • Ch2 ex13 -- This is close, but you should actually test the equality of these values by using == . I also notice that you put a space after "print" which is not texhnically wrong, but makes your code a little difficult to read.
  • Ch3 ex2 -- You have an extra quotation mark.
  • Ch3 ex3 -- you can use string indexing to actually tell you the letters that we are looking for without copying the output into a new string! Can you do this?
  • Ch3 ex7 -- missing.
  • Just a note: it is your github repository, but employers might not want to see some of the content that you used for the string examples :)
  • Good work so far!