Feedback: Anna Bochenek


  • Please get into the habit of puttin parentheses right ext to the function: print(), not print ().
  • Ch2 ex4 -- can you write about the error messages and what they tell you?
  • Ch2 ex5 -- not quite right. Check your capitalization.
  • Ch2 ex6 -- incomplete (check the directions). The cell that you wrote a sentence in should be a markdown cell.
  • Ch2 ex8 -- best practice is to not name common variables with capitalized names.
  • Ch2 ex9 -- not quite. Make sure that if the number of pennies is fractinal that you round to 2 decimal places.
  • Ch2 ex10 -- incomplete
  • Ch2 ex11 -- please don't use single-letter variable names
  • ch2 ex12 -- not quite. Make sure that you divide the larger by the smaller. Would your program still work if I swap the values of a and b? It should. Try using max() and min().
  • ch2 ex13 -- "and" is not doing what you think it is doing. You want to use ==.
  • ch3 ex3 -- this can be simplified. Please check the solutions
  • ch3 ex7 -- missing
  • Good work so far!